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PODCAST NOTE: Listeners can tune in to iHeart Radio 740 The Game or listen in the Orlando area on FM 96.9 Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. to hear The Golf Insiders live. Add The Golf Insiders podcast to your iPhone as an app. Click here and go to the bottom of the device's screen to create the "Quick Launch" icon for the Golf Insiders. Once you've done this it will add The Golf Insiders podcast as an App to your home screen. 

Volvik2.jpgIn the first segment of this week's hour of intelligent golf talk, Holly G, Host and Producer of The Golf Insiders, along with Will Perry, Social Media Expert for The Golf Insiders and Founder and Creative Director at EVVUS, are in the studio for the last show of the season before returning for the Florida Swing in the spring. The show typically goes on hiatus for that period of time each year.

Since it is so close to the Christmas holiday, Holly and Will do rapid fire 12 minutes of Christmas giveaways. 

The first gift is a Copper Tech glove that combines the pain relief properties of copper-infused technology with a compression fit to help soothe joint, muscle and arthritic pain enabling golfers to play comfortably all year long. 

A dozen of Volvik Golf Balls. Volvik's unique and patented  technologies make us a leader in golf ball innovation, not only as the highest quality color golf balls on the market, but as the highest quality golf balls regardless of color.

A seKenRick_browncroc.pngt of Divot Checks, an evolution of alignment rods. The product folds up and clips to your bag. You can write on the product and make notes of where your proper alignment position is. Drive Better, Putt Better, Chip Better and Play better with Divot Check.

SwingClick PLUS
 straps easily to your forearm and helps master your transition, tempo, timing and rhythm.  

Swing Wizzard one of the top cool products of 2016 PGA Show. The Swing Wizzard instantly helps you find your optimum swing plane. The Swing Wizzard™ includes aim sticks and an instructional video featuring Jim McLean demonstrating his famous eight-step swing drill using the Swing Wizzard™.

KenRick Golf belts have a divot tool built into the tip of the belt. These genuine leather belts feature divot tool that fits snugly in the tip of your belt providing convenient access to your divot tool. A ball marker attaches magnetically to back of divot tool. 

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